Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

4th of July weekend was a busy one. On Friday we had our neice Layney's first birthday, which was a super cute monkey theme. Then we woke up on Saturday and headed to my family reunion in Pine Valley. After spending the whole day there we headed back so I could work that night. On Monday morning we went to the Washington Park with Trevor's parents for some 4th of July festivities. The weather was a little overcast which was perfect. We had a yummy breakfast and danced to some music and then played some games. They had a bounce house, which Claire loved. They also had some carnival games that Trevor played and won. He let Claire pick out which stuffed animal she wanted as a prize. They had many to choose from and after about the 4th pick she was happy with her pink CareBear.

She also got her face painted just like she did last year at the same park.
This year she understood how to run in the races. We did a few practice runs and they paid off because she won second place in her age group and got an awesome gold dollar coin. We were so proud of her.
Before we left the park we snagged a quick ride on the little train that was being pulled by a four wheeler. It was so cute and Claire was too young to go by herself so I even got to ride in it :)
Later that night after we all took a nap.....we went over to my parents to eat some pizza and then went up to Liesel and Paul's house to watch the fireworks off of Foremaster.
Claire loved the fireworks and kept saying Look Daddy Look! She had a little glowstick necklace and would not let it go!

We didn't even make it down the street on our way home before Claire passed out.
She was so tuckered out after a long but FUN and EXCITING day. Can't wait till next year!

this picture says it all.
(yes that is pen all over her legs)
(and yes she thinks she is hilarious)
Jumpin Jumpin Jumpin

Claire loves to jump around, soooo we decided to take her to Jumpin Jacks. Although the idea a germfilled warehouse full of sweat makes me a little hesitant, I knew she would have a blast. We had been there once before when she was younger and couldn't really do anything. This time was totally different. This kid was in heaven! She wanted to go down every slide and jump on every toy. She even went down all the slides by herself. She wanted our help to get to the top then she would push us away. Her face was priceless as she would come zooming down the slides but then we she got the bottom she would say AGAIN AGAIN!

now that is a happy child

before she realized she didn't need us to go down the slide
she rode the little carousel
and got to play video games with Trevor