Friday, May 25, 2012

Claire's Photoshoot

The awesome photographer who did all of Claire's pictures when she was a baby was doing a little mini shoot for a fundraiser. You only had 15 min and got 5 pictures back and all the money went to a young mother who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I signed Claire up as soon as I heard about it. I thought it would be fun to get some new pictures and it was for a good cause. Claire was pretty happy but was a little shy and we couldn't get her to smile until we said, "Claire don't smile" or "Claire don't laugh." Then she would bust out the hugest smile and fake laugh. She was such a little ham but I thought the pictures turned out so cute especially for only having 15 minutes!

easter time

We are so lucky to have both of our famlies here in town close to us! We got to spend Easter with both sides of our family and we had so much fun. All of Trevor's siblings try to come for Easter every year so it is always a good time over there. We went there for a delicious breakfast and then had an Easter egg hunt. Grandma Johnson got all the grandkids bunny masks that were pretty hilarious and slightly creepy. I was surprised how much the kids loved them and Claire wanted to wear heres all day. Trevor has been lucky enough to get the tradition of teaching the kids the bunny hop and he keeps all the kids inside while the eggs are being hidden. Then when it is time he leads them in a line doing the bunny hop outside. The kids think it is pretty funny and the adults like to laugh at him too. Good thing he is a good sport and even wore bunny ears. Claire loved Easter this year and totally understood the concept of the Easter egg hunt. After the hunt the kids got tons of toys and surprises and then to top it off they had a pinata. This was Claire's first encounter with a pinata but when that candy came flying out she went crazy! She was the happiest kid in town at that moment. We hung out and the kids played with their new toys and we celebrated one of the little neices birthday and then we headed off for more festivities at Grandma and Grandpa McMullin's house.
When we got to my parents we had a huge lunch with everyone then all the kids got to go on their own scavenger hunt. All the clues were hidden around the house and at the end they got a little basket full of treats and toys. Claire was definately spoiled by the grandparents this year.
I decided to have our own little Easter on Sunday. We didn't do too much but I wanted to do a little Easter egg hunt and give Claire her basket at our house. I think she was pretty Eastered out but she still had fun getting more presents...of course.
finding her eggs around the house
putting all of her money from her Easter eggs into her piggy bank for Disneyland.

Zions Getaway

We were itching to get out of town so we decided to head to Zions for a night. We were so lucky to have perfect weather the whole time we were there. We really didn't do much but relax and hang out but we had so much fun and it was much needed. When we got there we went to get some food and then some ice cream and then we went to a candy store. Needless to say we had lots of treats! After the candy store we went for a little walk just through town. We had planned on going on a hike but got up there kinda late and we were exhausted the next day but we had fun anyways. The next day we went to Oscars for breakfast (yum) and then just headed home. It was fun to get out of town even if it was only for a night and I love getting to hang out with just our little family.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Snow Time

We couldn't wait to go sledding this year. I knew Claire would love it! She is such a daredevil and does not get scared by ANYTHING. We went up to Brianhead with a few of our friends and their kids and Claire had so much fun. I didn't realize until we got there that you cannot double ride so that meant Claire had to go all by herself. I was more worried than she was. I was so scared to push her down that hill all by herself but she laughed the whole way down and was in heaven, She even loved the little lift that pulls your tube to the top. It was so hard when it was time to leave because she did not want to go anywhere. She loves the snow and wanted to keep going down the hills.
Trevor in his smurf suit that he couldn't wait to wear...
Claire going down the hill all by herself.
Claire and her friend Tavia
I am so happy we got a chance to take her this year. I wish we could have made it up again before Brianhead closed for the season so we will just have to wait till next year....

The Callahans visit!

It was so much fun to have Hillary and Colby come for a quick trip. We always love it when they come to visit and it is so fun to have Wade here to play with Claire. It was exciting to see baby Monson for the fist time too! We had so much fun with them here and for some reason I didn't take any pictures!! While they were here Wade celebrated his 2nd birthday. I did manage to snap a few pics at the adorable sesame street birthday party! Hillary made all of the kids little party hats and bags full of fun toys and treats then she had lots of sesame street games, Claire had a blast and so did all the other kids!
Can't wait for the Callahans to come visit again!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Christmas was another holiday that I was excited about this year because I knew Claire was starting to understand it. I always love Christmas because we get to spend so much time with family. On Christmas Eve we were able to go to Trevor's parents for dinner and a gingerbread house contest and then to my parents to play some more games. Of course Claire had fun with her cousins and our igloo house won first place in the gingerbread contest!
Claire dancing around with her best buddy Cooper
our masterpiece igloo gingerbread house. I know what you are thinking... and yes we made that. we are awesome. On Christmas morning we woke up bright and early to open presents we wanted to be able to go see some of the family but unfortunately I had to work that afternoon so we just opened presents and ate breakfast and Claire played with all of her new toys.
I love all the fun things and fun people we get to be around during the holidays! My favorite part is looking at all the lights especially at the Temple. They are so beautiful and it reminds me how lucky I am to live where I live and how beautiful our earth is and how important family is...


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I was so excited for Claire to actually kind of get it this year. Last year by the time we visited the grandparents Claire was so tired and just went to sleep. Claire started practicing how to say trick-or-treat a few weeks ahead so she was ready to go. So this year we actually got to go trick-or-treating with the cousins and Claire had so much fun. Trevor and I even got in on the fun this year.
Little Red Riding Hood
And we ended the night trying on vampire teeth with Grandma. Can't wait until next Halloween. I am already trying to think of costume ideas!

salt lake trip

We have been wanting to take a trip up north for awhile. We finally made it up there in October. I had so many things on our agenda, shopping, aquarium, shopping, zoo, shopping, seeing family and some more shopping (which Trevor was thrilled about). Claire is a natural traveler. She loved carrying her own luggage and helping me pack everything.
The first day that we got up there we went to the aquarium. I was a little skeptical when I was looking at the outside of the building and honestly I thought it was going to be a bust until we got inside! It was so awesome! I think I had more fun than Claire and Trevor. I had to go see some of the animals twice before I would leave, especially the jellyfish and penguins! Claire loved looking at all the animals and was not scared of any of them!
The next day we headed to the zoo. Of course it was suppose to rain but I didn't care I had been looking forward to going so we put on our coats and went anyways. We got lucky and it never rained until about 30 minutes before we were ready to leave. Claire loved all the animals. She especially loved the monkeys and the giraffes. Sadly my phone died and I missed so many of the animal exhibits but I am sure it will not be our last time there we will for sure be going back hopefully soon!