Monday, October 14, 2013

First annual Johnson/Cowley Reunion

This year Trevor's side of the family decided to have a family reunion which we are trying to make an annual tradition! Trevor's mom, Nancy, is awesome and planned the whole entire weekend and got a cabin in Zions that we all got to stay at. Almost all of Trevor's siblings came which was so fun since everyone is spread out. We went up to Zions on Thursday and relaxed until Saturday night. We actually stayed at an RV Park outside of Springdale that is right by the river. Loni and her family have an RV and were on their way back from driving across the county so they met us there and we rented the one cabin they had at the park. The cabin was so nice and was just like a hotel room but even better. The RV park had so many fun activities that we got to enjoy. One night they had s'mores around a fire pit, the next night they made brick oven pizza and we got to reserve the recreation hall and watch a movie. I loved that  we were so close to the river so we could just walk down there and let the kids play. We also loved being right outside of Zion so we could take a little trip up there for a hike at Weeping Rock, which the kids loved and it was so gorgeous! It was such a relaxing trip and so nice to get away and let all the cousins get together and play. Nancy did such an awesome job planning everything and I can't wait for next year!

Birthday Boy

Well another year has come and gone and Trevor is just getting older and not quite sure if wiser but I guess we will see. This year for his birthday I gave Claire a couple dollars and let her pick out what she wanted to get him. Then she helped me decorate the house a little and surprise him when he came home from work.  She was so excited to give him her presents and I am pretty sure he loved and will use ALL of it....

Claire chose a lovely birthday hat, some HUGE star glasses, then had to put her sunglasses on too for a photo shoot, some bubbles and a ceramic cat and dog which she painted so he could put them at his office.

kids these days

I think anyway that knows Claire can agree that she is a little crazy. She definitely is a little spazzy and a little sassy and has a mind of her own. If I take my eyes off her for one second I never know what I am going to find. As time goes by she is also getting smarter and more mischievous. One of her favorite things to do is take pictures on my camera. I have told her so many times not to touch my camera and I thought she finally started listening because I never saw her get it out or saw it lying around the house. Well....I was wrong. I went to get my camera out the other day and noticed that there were tons of pictures on there but I knew I had empty the memory card the last time I used it....this is just a few of the hundred that were on there....

She has obviously tried to pull a fast one by making sure to put the camera back in its case and back in the tub with all the electronics and back in the closet in the office. I guess I shouldn't get mad quite yet, maybe one day she will be a photographer.

Beach Time

In July we got an invitation to go stay at a beach house with Anthony and his family so of course we said.....duh...yes! Trevor was not able to take time off of work for that long, so Liesel and I made our own plans and decided to take the kids down and meet Anthony's family at the beach house they were renting for the week! We knew we were being very brave by packing up all the kids and driving down with just Liesel and I but we made the long trek and ended up having a blast!

The apartment was right on the beach, which was awesome! It was only a five minute walk to the water!
It was so nice to just be able to relax and just walk to the beach and hang out. The kids had so much fun and loved every second of it!

That was my view all week and I was perfectly happy with it!