Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Curly Sue

I just had to take a picture of Claire's curly hair the other day. I have no idea where she gets it from and I swear it gets curlier everyday. Trevor and I have both have stick straight hair. I have no idea how to do it. It is just an afro but I love it. I hope it never straightens out!

I am finally no longer a student! HOOORRAAAAYYYY! After lots of finals and projects and studying I had my graduation. It was bitter sweet. I am going to miss seeing everyone in my class everyday but am SOOOOO EXCITED to be done! I also had to go to Vegas to take my boards which is my test to register me as a technologist. I was so nervous and studied my brains out and luckily passed. I took it right before Thanksgiving so that I could enjoy the holiday, which I did :)
It has been so nice just spending time with Claire. I wish that it was not so cold outside so we could go do more things outside but we got to the park before it got too cold. We went to Maverik and got our favorite cheesecake frozen yogurt (i know frozen yogurt in the winter....but it's so yummy). Then we went and played and read books at the park.
frozen yogurt mustache
and a pinecone that she took home to daddy
Cruisin' the kitchen...

So due to Trevor's longing to have a power wheel as a child.....he just HAD to buy one for Claire for her birthday. We just got a small one that is for 18-36 months but it is so cute. We got it out on Claire's birthday and she loved it. She does not quite understand how to press the button and hold it down. She won't do it if we are watching her either. If we pretend to not pay attention then she will press the button and take off. Whenever we hold the button down and let her ride she has the hugest grin on her face. I can't wait until she will just ride around everywhere!
Claire helping Trevor put the power wheel together
Then she pulled this stunt....oh great...

It's my Birthday and I'll dance if I want to!

And that she did! We had Claire's birthday party at Pirate Island Pizza and had a whole Pirate themed birthday! It was so much fun! Even though I was a little stressed about it, it all came together and was a blast. All of the kids played in the arcade and we ate pizza and treats. Claire danced and played the whole time. It was so hard to keep track of her....she was constantly on the run. She got so many fun toys that she DID NOT need but that she loves. She absolutely loved her cake! It was so funny she refused to use her hands while she was eating it. She did not want to get her hands dirty! What a girl ha. I bought the cutest little pirate outfit for her and gave all of the kids little treasure boxes. It was the perfect little pirate party.
Here are lots of pictures of the festive night


I CAN'T believe Claire is ONE! Her birthday was November 12th and I swear she is ONE going on SIXTEEN! She is so spoiled and such a drama queen and I love her! This past year went by sooooo and I swear she has grown up so much just in the last week. She tries to talk all the time and tries to sing along when we sing. Her favorite song is the ABC's and her favorite tv shows are Olivia and Yo Gabba Gabba. She still has NO teeth but eats whatever she wants! Her favorite food is easy mac and blueberry muffins. She LOVES to read books, especially the touch and feel ones. She is sooooo excited to be facing forward in her car seat now. Everytime I look back at her she has a huge grin on her face. She climbs up on the couch and wants to dance on it. She can get up and down the stairs faster than me. She refuses to wear any sort of clip or bow in her hair. and she thinks she can climb ANYTHING!! I can barely keep up with her but she always keeps us laughing.
thinking she is an acrobat

Baby Andrew....

He is FINALLY here!!! We have been waiting so long to meet Liesel and Paul's new baby and he finally arrived on November 4th, the day before Liesel's birthday. He is the cutest baby ever! I love holding him and trying to remember when Claire was that little but I swear she was never that tiny ha.
This year we had so much fun on Halloween! On Saturday morning we went out to Staheli Farms again because they were having a "Witches Breakfast." There were ladies all dressed up like witches and they had a little program where they made some witches brew it was so funny. We went with Trevor's parents and his brother and the kids had a blast. We watched the program and then ate breakfast and then we went back out to the petting zoo and all the toys. Claire LOVES Staheli Farm. She loves all the animals and to just run free!
one of the witches followed us around for awhile and Claire loved it
she even gave the witch a kiss! ha
Even the big kids (Trevor and his mom) got to play on the toys :)

Later that night we got Claire all dressed up in her costume. I was afraid that she would not want to wear it but it she thought it was hilarious. She just laughed at herself in the mirror and even left the little hood on. She looked so cute and she loves her best friend Nessy so I thought a little kitty was the perfect costume. We went over to Trevor's parents to eat dinner and see all the grandkids. Then we went to my parents to see the other grandkids and have more dinner! Everyone looked so cute in their costumes! We did not end up going trick-or-treating becuase Claire does not get it anyways and she started getting tired. But we still had a fun HALLOWEEN!!
Claire and Grandma McMullin
Kitty Claire and Kitty Gizmo