Friday, February 18, 2011

A Day of HEARTS (and treats)

I now have gained 10 pounds and have a very packed pantry because of Valentines Day. I don't think we have ever had so many treats in our house before, but I'm not complaining. This year for Valentines Trevor and I went on a early date. It was the first date we have had in a loooooong time and it was nice to just spend some time together. We went to the typical dinner and a movie and had lots of fun. Since we had already done our date we did not have much planned for the actual Valentines Day. I was going to take Claire around to deliver her valentines and then make a yummy dinner. Well that didn't happen. I ended up getting called into work that morning and had to work all day. Luckily I have an awesome babysitter who lets me surprise her and bring Claire last minute. They even had a fun Valentines party and she got lots of cute cards and yummy treats. Since I was stuck at work I did not get to make a dinner or even get home before Trevor. But when I got home Trevor surprised me with a very nice gift card to get some new clothes :) and surprised Claire with a huge balloon filled with confetti, aka shreds of paper that I am still finding around the house, a warm blanket and a cute heart pillow. I am the winner of boring gifts and got Trevor an exciting drill (we have been needing one lately ha). Claire got lots of fun little gifts like hair clips, books and a knitted beanie from her great grandma. Even though we are not too exciting we had a fun Valentines this year!
I did hurry and make some heart shaped toast
and pancakes before I had to go to work :)

15 Months! & some randoms....
I don't even like to say the word but I feel like Claire is a TODDLER! AHHH!!! I can't believe how fast time is flying. I was in the baby food section the other day and notice all of the foods she likes to eat now say toddler! You know how they classify the food by a baby's development like sitting or crawling...toddler! Hopefully we have a few more years before she starts wanting to eat the Preschooler foods! Although Claire is pretty much the energizer bunny, I try to keep up and she always keeps us laughing. Some of the things she can do now that she is a "toddler"....

*She is starting to feed herself (I don't give her too much freedom on this one due to the mess)
*She tries to repeat everything we say
*Some of her new favorite words are meow, please, thank you, love you, up, nessy, bubbles, books, bite and she is learning new ones everyday! (i may be the only one who can understand them too but it sure is cute!)

*She knows what a cow, dog and kitten say
*She LOVES to put on my jewelry and gets into my bracelets every day
She still loves to dance especially in the car
Her favorite song is the Itsy Bitsy Spider and she tries to do the hand actions
*Her favorite foods are yogurt, fruit cups, pizza, veggies, blackberrys & cold cereal
She loves trying to run me over with her powerwheel
*If I am ever sad or crying she laughs her head off at me and it puts me in a good mood

*She has not used a binky in 1 whole month (next to go is the bottle....)

*She can now unzip her pajamas and jackets
*She has her two top and two lower front teeth and she loves to bite

*I can get her hair into a pony tail
*She LOVES to read books. she will hand you a book and then back up and sit on your lap

*Her favorite books are anything with pop ups or flaps so that she can rip them out!

There are so many more things I could add to the list. She is growing up into such a fun girl. She is my best friend and I love spending time with her because we always have so much fun!

Claire spilled a whole box of cheerios while she was having a snack

playing her favorite game: seafood
as you can see, she keeps us on our toes!