Friday, January 21, 2011

I can't believe it is already 2011! This year started with a whole lot of new things for us! Claire is getting so big, we have a new house, new car, I am done with school and now have a new job but we are excited about all of the new! For new years eve we went over to Trevor's parents because almost all of his family was in town. It is not very often that all of Trevor's 9 brothers and sisters get together but most of them were able to come for new years! We ate yummy food and played some games. Even though just hung out inside, we had so much fun! We were party poopers and ended up going home around 10 pm so we could put Claire to bed. Trevor and I were pathetic we watched t.v. in bed and saw the ball drop and then turned off the t.v. at about 12:01.....
The sparklers Grandma Johnson bought
were a BIG hit!
The sparklers were a lot quieter than the horns
they gave the kids at first...
The kids started playing twister but Claire wanted
in on the action so twister turned into follow the leader
and Claire was the leader!
It was hilarious to watch all the kids copy whatever
she was doing. It did not take her long to figure out
that she was in charge and she took full advantage of it!
(I'll probably have a hit man after me for posting this
pic but I have more so I am being nice only putting one.)
While Trevor's family was in town they came over and
brought their wii and one of those dancing games to play.
WOW is all I have to say! HAHAHA It was pretty hilarious
but so fun and felt like a workout!
Claire was going crazy on the dance floor! She loved that
everyone was dancing and she joined right in.
It was so funny to watch her try to keep up with everyone.
Or more like us keep up with her....she stomps her feet pretty fast!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Its Raining, Its Pouring, Outside its Snowing?
I could not believe how much it snowed! Even though I HATE the cold and the snow it was fun to have the snow for a little while and to see the beautiful mountains around our house covered in the snow. Claire loved watching the snow and we even had fun playing in it!
Our snowman with a hat but no face
our snowballs we threw on the wall

Claire trying to give Nessy kisses
Once we got a little settled in our house we got into our regular Christmas traditions. We went over to Trevor's parents for dinner on Christmas eve and played a few games, then we headed to my parents for more games and prizes! We won some fun little gifts at the McMullin family bingo game and Claire had fun playing with all of her cousins, especially her best buddy Cooper! Cooper is Jillian's little boy. Jillian saved my life the last few weeks of school by watching Claire everyday! Claire loved going over there and playing with her kids. Now Cooper always wants to see her and when he does he always has some kisses and hugs for her :) Even when she was not going for the kisses he made sure she got them ha!
After we left my parents on Christmas eve we put Claire in her Chrsitmas PJs and sent her to bed. Then I hurried and put up our Christmas tree and wrapped Claire's presents. I was procrastinating a little....Trevor got me a HOUSE for Christmas ha and I did not get him anything because we bought a HOUSE! We did not get Claire very much but we had a few presents under the tree for her. When she woke up we started with her stocking. Bad idea. She did not want her stocking! Once she realized that there was an orange in the bottom of the stocking, she LOVED it! She played with her orange forever! I should have wrapped the whole box of oranges I bought. She carried it around everywhere with her. After she finished opening her presents we went to Trev's parents and got even more presents! We got lots of fun stuff including a littl stroller for Claire's baby and towels with our names embroidered on them (nessy even got one...spoiled) Then we went to my parents and got even more presents! (ok we are spoiled too not just nessy). One of Claire's favorite presents was her pillow pet she got from uncle Graham! She kept face diving into it on the ground and she carries it everywhere with her.

nessy ruining our treepillow pet time!

This year the holidays have been so HECTIC and I feel like we did not really get into the spirit of Christmas. I was busy all of November graduating and studying for my registry and then we decided to start HOUSE SHOPPING! We were out looking at a house that we found on the MLS and while driving by it we saw a house that said For Sale by Owner. We stopped and decided to go knock on the door. Luckily the owners were home and let us walk through. We instantly knew this was the house we wanted. It had EVERYTHING we were looking for and was in our price range. It was even better than we did not have a realtor and neither did they so they gave us an even better deal :) We ended up closing on our house on the 17th of December (one week before christmas). I was excited to get in and FINALLY put up some Christmas decorations! Needless to say the week was spent unpacking and trying to get a billion things done and put together and not just enjoying the holiday or spending time with family or wrapping presents like a normal year. It felt like Christmas came so soon!
Our new house in the Snow!
(more pics to come soon)