Saturday, December 26, 2009


ya! Christmas has come and gone and it was the best Christmas ever!
This year was Nessy and Claire's first Christmas.
Claire's new pjs
Nessy LOVED his stocking
and so did Trevor :)

Trevor got me a new camcorder! I am so excited that I can start recording Claire and all the fun things she does. I also got a bissell little green! (it is a carpet cleaner, (you know your a mom when you get excited for a carpet cleaner)
some thing I got Trevor were new oakleys, shoes and a sweat suit.

We got lots of fun presents and got to hang out with lots family. All in all it was a GREAT day!

and the stocking were hung on the.....wall.....with care

ok so we dont have a fireplace therefore we dont have a chimney
so we just hung our stockings on the wall!
we didn't do too much decorating because we were so busy but I was
excited to get our tree and stockings up...... was is the key word there!
once i got the tree and ornaments up it was just a disaster....
our lovey little cat
would jump on the tree and would climb up the branches to
knock down the ornaments. he broke quite a few so i finally gave up
and just let him play with them.

Monday, December 14, 2009


now that I have recapped the last year.... I can get to the present time!


I can't believe my little baby is 1 month. She is getting so big. I almost had a meltdown when I had to pack away some of her newborn clothes that don't fit her anymore. She was 6 lbs. 12 oz when she was born and at her 2 week appointment she was already 8 lbs! She is growing up right before my eyes. She is also the smartest and cutest baby ever (but i may be a little biased...)

she smiles all the time
she can pull her binkie out by herself (unfortunately)
she slept 8 hours the other night!
she holds her head up and can turn it from side to side
she loves listening to herself talk

she loved her first bath

BAD hair day

catch up

I am new to this whole blog thing but thought I should do a little recap of what has been going on in our lives!




and that has been the last year of our lives...