Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ready for her close up!

Last month I got Claire's 3 month old pictures taken!
I signed up for a package so she will get her 3, 6, 9 and 12 month picture taken!
(obviously I love pictures ha)
I haven't gotten all of her pics back but I snagged a few from the photography website
I thought they turned out so cute!

I may be a little biased, but is she not the cutest ever!

no more baby
My little baby is all grown up! I can't believe she is almost five months! She has gotten so big. I can't even hold her like a baby anymore and she definitely
does not like it when I try.

She now....
rolls from her back to her stomach
and from her stomach to her back
eats rice cereal like a champ

is starting to hold her own bottle
always wants to stand up

loves going for walks

sleeps 9 hours a night

loves to sit in her bumbo
is finally on a schedule
laughs like crazy
smiles at everything

is almost 15 lbs!
takes her binky out and can almost put it back in
sucks her thumb whenever she gets a chance

LOVES the water

can grab toys and likes to play with them

bounces and bounces bounces in her bouncy chair thing ha

and the list goes on....

Soon enough she will be crawling around and I won't know what to do with her!

Nessy vs. Bank Account
So our little, cute, innocent, playful cat is starting to cost us big buckaroos. From the second we got him he has been the most spoiled cat ever! I know, pathetic. We have bought him so many toys and cat treats and he only eats wet food. After we got him we did not know he was a HE! We were told it was a girl. So one night we thought something was wrong with "her" and went to the emergency vet. well one hour and $175.00 later we were told HE was really just a SHE and nothing was wrong with him.... Then we finally decided to get him neutered and get all of his shots, which was another $80.00 Then finally over my spring break I decided to be ambitious and clean the house. I got on my knees and scrubbed the whole kitchen floor. I took off all of the laminate so I could get them extra clean. Then after they were all scrubbed I bought acrylic laminate to put all over the floor to seal it again. Of course while I was doing that Nessy snuck in behind me and took a big lick of the wet laminate off the floor. I knew that could not be good. I grabbed the bottle and right on the front it says KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS!

I knew this could not be good. Right then he laid down and would not get up the rest of the night.

The poor little guy was sick for a week and half. He stopped eating, drinking, going to the bathroom and pretty much moving all together! I didn't even have the heart to kick him off of Claire's little chair because I felt so bad.
We finally took him to the vet where they put him on antibiotics.
we had to take him in every day for hydration shots so he would not get dehydrated. Then they had to do blood tests and we had to feed him a liquid diet through a syringe....
Totaly bill: $300! We must really love that cat! He is back to normal now and even more annoying than ever!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Claire's Blessing
We finnally got Claire blessed! We have been waiting trying to figure out a time when most of our family could come to town for Claire's blessing. Last weekend Trevor's mom was having a surprise birthday party for his step dad. We figured this would be the best time because his whole family would be here for the party. We did her blessing before church last Sunday with all family and it was a perfect day.
She started crying right before the blessing and I was so worried but right when the blessing started she went quiet and the spirit was so strong. She was such a good baby.


This year for valentines we just sat at home! We didn't want to go out because we knew everything would be so busy. We just exchanged presents and watched a movie. I got trevor some new shoes and a gift card to Gun and Barrell and movie tickets and he got me yummy yummy ed hardy perfume and roses and chocolates :) We cashed in our dinner gift card the next weekend and went to dinner just the two of us.

this is my lame attempt at cute photography ha i know pathetic