Thursday, January 7, 2010


Lately Trevor and I have been waking up early to go for walks. This is us trying to make a small effort at getting in shape! Trevor got me some ankle weights for Christmas so as pathetic as it is walking is a hard workout for me! :) We love going for walks because we can bring the whole family and everyone loves it.

Claire instantly falls asleep when we walk out the door
and even though i caught this smile while she was daydreaming
I'm sure it was a smile just cause she loves walks!

Nessy loves hanging out in the bottom part of the stroller
he had no idea there was a world outside of our little apartment

This morning we took a special walk to the veterinarian by our house and dropped our poor little nessy off to get his manhood taken away.... too bad there will never be any little nessys running around this earth :(

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  1. way to go on the walking! Darling pic of Claire. I can't believe you bring your cat, that cracks me up. what is your e-mail address so I can add you to my blog? text me or something!