Tuesday, March 30, 2010

no more baby
My little baby is all grown up! I can't believe she is almost five months! She has gotten so big. I can't even hold her like a baby anymore and she definitely
does not like it when I try.

She now....
rolls from her back to her stomach
and from her stomach to her back
eats rice cereal like a champ

is starting to hold her own bottle
always wants to stand up

loves going for walks

sleeps 9 hours a night

loves to sit in her bumbo
is finally on a schedule
laughs like crazy
smiles at everything

is almost 15 lbs!
takes her binky out and can almost put it back in
sucks her thumb whenever she gets a chance

LOVES the water

can grab toys and likes to play with them

bounces and bounces bounces in her bouncy chair thing ha

and the list goes on....

Soon enough she will be crawling around and I won't know what to do with her!

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