Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nessy vs. Bank Account
So our little, cute, innocent, playful cat is starting to cost us big buckaroos. From the second we got him he has been the most spoiled cat ever! I know, pathetic. We have bought him so many toys and cat treats and he only eats wet food. After we got him we did not know he was a HE! We were told it was a girl. So one night we thought something was wrong with "her" and went to the emergency vet. well one hour and $175.00 later we were told HE was really just a SHE and nothing was wrong with him.... Then we finally decided to get him neutered and get all of his shots, which was another $80.00 Then finally over my spring break I decided to be ambitious and clean the house. I got on my knees and scrubbed the whole kitchen floor. I took off all of the laminate so I could get them extra clean. Then after they were all scrubbed I bought acrylic laminate to put all over the floor to seal it again. Of course while I was doing that Nessy snuck in behind me and took a big lick of the wet laminate off the floor. I knew that could not be good. I grabbed the bottle and right on the front it says KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS!

I knew this could not be good. Right then he laid down and would not get up the rest of the night.

The poor little guy was sick for a week and half. He stopped eating, drinking, going to the bathroom and pretty much moving all together! I didn't even have the heart to kick him off of Claire's little chair because I felt so bad.
We finally took him to the vet where they put him on antibiotics.
we had to take him in every day for hydration shots so he would not get dehydrated. Then they had to do blood tests and we had to feed him a liquid diet through a syringe....
Totaly bill: $300! We must really love that cat! He is back to normal now and even more annoying than ever!

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