Thursday, August 12, 2010

getting big!

I have not blogged in awhile and so much has happened! Claire is 9 months today! She is getting so big. I have been out of school the last couple of weeks and have had a blast being home with her every single day. Some new milestones....

* has been crawling like crazy
* loves to climb on everything
* can walk holding onto something
* can stand up by herself without holding anything
* love ANY food we feed her! she has yet to turn away any baby food
* still no teeth.....
* loves getting into everything..especially the cat food
* can make it up the whole flight of stairs in about 20 sec
* dances likes nobody's business
* loves swinging, swimming and anything outdoors
* says dadda, momma, and baba
* can clap her hands, wave bye bye and give high fives
* the single happiest baby I have ever seen

and so much more I can't even list. I was looking at home videos from when we first brought Claire home. It is crazy to think of how little she was. Even in the beginning she was smiling and she has not stopped. She always has a smile on her face!

These are just a few pics of our summer so far!

Claire finally has long enough hair to put in a little pony tail :)
loves her little swimming pool out back
but not as much as Trevor
just hanging at the park

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