Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another First!
We have had a lot of first happening lately but this one was not only for Claire but for me! I would be lying if I said I have NEVER been fishing because my mom has a picture of me with a blue gill that I caught in joyschool :) but this was my first actual time fishing as an adult ha. Since Trevor had work off for Memorial day we wanted to get out and do something fun. So we decided to go up to Pine Valley and go fishing. I was afraid there was going to be a ton of people, which there was, but we still found a perfect spot right in the shade. It seemed like no one was really catching anything so I thought it would be a boring day but it was blast! Trevor ended up catching 3 fish and I caught one. I felt bad for the little guys but we set them free and hopefully their lips heal where the hook was :( Claire did great she loved being outside and thought it was HILARIOUS when we caught a fish and it was flopping in the water. We were drained by the time we got home but are already planning our next fishing trip!
Trev's first fish of the day
Claire loved the fishy
my fish!

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