Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mr. Moneybags Nessy

So if you remember a post I made way back in March about Nessy costing us so much money....well we had to get the checkbook out again! This cat I swear is more expensive than Claire is. To give a little history, around the end of August I remember Nessy getting a hold of ANOTHER one of Claire's bottle. He chewed off the nipple and swallowed it. Now this is not the first time he has done this and he usually throws the nipple back up within a few days. This time he never threw up and I totally forgot about it. Then just a few weeks ago he started throwing up and completely stopped eating. We could not figure out what was wrong with him. He would just sit in one place and not move all day. This went on for a little over a week so we finally decided to take him to the vet....

I guess it is a good thing we took him when we did because he was so sick he started having seizures and they did not know if he would make it. They had to hook him up to IVs and put him under some heating pads. They kept him overnight and the next morning they took some x-rays. And sure enough you could see the little nipple stuck right in his large intestine! Since this one had passed through his stomach and got stuck they would have to do surgery to get it out or there was no way he would get better. So after he regained some strength and weight he went under the knife. And let me tell you cat surgery is not cheap! It was a nice chunk of change but since we are regular customers they gave a little discount, (key word there is little). He was fine after the surgery and was back to his normal self within a few days except for the ginormous stitches all down his stomach!!
He had to have these in for 14 days!

He didn't mind just relaxing and being pampered

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