Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trouble Trouble & More Trouble!

Claire is getting older and more curious! she gets into everything!! She is getting so smart. Some things she can do since our last blog is....

*took her first steps the day she turned 9 months
*now she can run!
*loves to climb on EVERYTHING!
*still has no teeth but can gum pretty much any foods
*loves easy mac & blueberry muffins
*can nod yes and no
*loves to play patty cake
*favorite song is ABCs
*loves to read books
*can say bite, mamma, dadda & baba
*can get up the stairs in about 10 sec & is starting to scoot down
*gives hugs, kisses & blows kisses to everyone! (even nessy)
*gives high fives
*is a dancing MACHINE!

She is getting so big and will be 1 in just a few weeks! I love seeing her get older and smarter everyday

she loves getting into the wipes!
Claire loves going to the park and has so much fun swinging

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