Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This year the holidays have been so HECTIC and I feel like we did not really get into the spirit of Christmas. I was busy all of November graduating and studying for my registry and then we decided to start HOUSE SHOPPING! We were out looking at a house that we found on the MLS and while driving by it we saw a house that said For Sale by Owner. We stopped and decided to go knock on the door. Luckily the owners were home and let us walk through. We instantly knew this was the house we wanted. It had EVERYTHING we were looking for and was in our price range. It was even better than we did not have a realtor and neither did they so they gave us an even better deal :) We ended up closing on our house on the 17th of December (one week before christmas). I was excited to get in and FINALLY put up some Christmas decorations! Needless to say the week was spent unpacking and trying to get a billion things done and put together and not just enjoying the holiday or spending time with family or wrapping presents like a normal year. It felt like Christmas came so soon!
Our new house in the Snow!
(more pics to come soon)

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