Friday, February 18, 2011

A Day of HEARTS (and treats)

I now have gained 10 pounds and have a very packed pantry because of Valentines Day. I don't think we have ever had so many treats in our house before, but I'm not complaining. This year for Valentines Trevor and I went on a early date. It was the first date we have had in a loooooong time and it was nice to just spend some time together. We went to the typical dinner and a movie and had lots of fun. Since we had already done our date we did not have much planned for the actual Valentines Day. I was going to take Claire around to deliver her valentines and then make a yummy dinner. Well that didn't happen. I ended up getting called into work that morning and had to work all day. Luckily I have an awesome babysitter who lets me surprise her and bring Claire last minute. They even had a fun Valentines party and she got lots of cute cards and yummy treats. Since I was stuck at work I did not get to make a dinner or even get home before Trevor. But when I got home Trevor surprised me with a very nice gift card to get some new clothes :) and surprised Claire with a huge balloon filled with confetti, aka shreds of paper that I am still finding around the house, a warm blanket and a cute heart pillow. I am the winner of boring gifts and got Trevor an exciting drill (we have been needing one lately ha). Claire got lots of fun little gifts like hair clips, books and a knitted beanie from her great grandma. Even though we are not too exciting we had a fun Valentines this year!
I did hurry and make some heart shaped toast
and pancakes before I had to go to work :)

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  1. so cute. i love those simple holidays. you guys are too cute.