Friday, March 25, 2011


Yessss sometimes I feel like I live in a zoo. Especially since I started working the house is not always clean, the dishes don't always get done right away, we start to run out of clean clothes, Claire's toys take over the whole house and we are just a mess. So on my day off this week I had so many plans to clean, clean and clean some more but instead we decided to go play. Way funner right? We thought we would go see some real animals, instead of staring at our zoo and the only animal.....nessy. Ok so they aren't quite real animals but I had been wanting to take Claire to the Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum for awhile. I was afraid Claire was going to run wild around the wildlife so I called in reinforcements and invited my little niece Hailey :)

We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of animals and I even snapped a few pics of the two animal tamers at work.


  1. Thanks for taking Hailey! She had so much fun. She's all about anything that includes her Aunt Nicole & Cousin Claire!! You're the best! Thanks for thinking of her. Love ya!

  2. Fun! I've never been there so let's take Wade and Claire this summer when we are in town :)

  3. ya we should all go when you come in the summer! wade would love it!!