Friday, March 25, 2011

Our the middle of the street

So I finally have some pictures of our house! I know I am so behind and such a procrastinator when it comes to blogging, but here are some pics for those who have not seen it or those that live to far away to come see it :( Keep in mind it is a work in progress and I am not an interior decorator......So ideas are welcomed!

when you walk in the front door you see...
family room
entry way
dining area with a table that a slaved away
on for what felt like years! but I thought
it turned out ok for my first painting project
Claire's room
down to the basement
basement family room
with little kitchenette

back wall of family room
guest bedroom
a room that will be a theater room
(when we actually get a theater system ha)

backyard view from the upstairs balcony

That was probably boring for everyone but we are excited and love being in our own home and it just gets more cozy everyday!


  1. i love your cute house. you've done a good job decorating.

  2. Finally! Everything looks super cute. The table looks AWESOME!