Thursday, May 26, 2011

18 Months and NOT Slowing Down!

I can't believe how big Claire is getting. She is already a 1 1/2! She is getting so smart and is so much fun to play with. Saying she is a busybody is the understatement of the year! She never slows down. She is learning new things everyday. Some of her fun accomplishments....

*trying to repeat everything we say!
*answering when questions are asked on cartoons
*repeating spanish words on Dora the Explorer
*getting new teeth all the time. has a whole mouth full...finally
*loves singing the ABCs
*LOVES purple cabbage...weird I know
*has a "supermodel" smile which is the biggest cheeser ever!
*can say every animal and what sound they make
*goes down the big slides at the park all by herself
*I can finally name things off for meals and she will tell me yes or no
*after getting into a drawer, getting out a headband and breaking it in half she said
"daddy daddy wook (look) broke, sorry" ...almost a full sentence
*tells me when she needs a diaper change
*loves to flush the big potty

NEXT adventure...POTTY TRAINING. I just bought her a potty and some underwear. She thinks they are pretty cool but we will see how long the cool factor lasts. She tells me when she is poopy and the other day she was trying to wipe herself with toilet paper and tried putting a diaper on herself.....soooo I figure she gets it enough that it is time to get rid of those DIAPERS!

making a mess like usual
but at least she can try to clean it up now

she thought she was pretty cool with her
temp. tattoo, sippy and sunglasses

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  1. She is so flippin' cute! Claire and Wade are going to be a hoot together this summer.