Thursday, May 19, 2011


Easter is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons. 1- the CANDY! 2- cause I usually get a present :) 3- spending time with family 4- getting Claire a new outfit 5- I love putting together Easter baskets and egg hunts 6- coloring Easter eggs 7- did I mention the CANDY! 8- AND the MOST important reason remembering Christ and his sacrifice and resurrection. Overall it is just a time when I feel very blessed and thankful for everything in my life and I get to spend it with everyone I love. And there was no shortage of any of that this year!

We had such a fun Easter! Claire is to the age where she understands how to do the egg hunts and that there are treats inside of them and trust me no one was getting in her way of those treats. Claire was lucky enough to have multiple Easter egg hunts and eat way too many sweets. On Friday she went to her babysitter who was having a party. When I picked her up the babysitter asked if she had already done an egg hunt. When I said no she was shocked! She said "well she sure knows what she is doing. She pushed every kid over that got in her way of those eggs." Apparently she pushed a little girl over and when the little girl started crying Claire called her a baby. EMBARRASSING! um I don't know where she learned that one. (probably her dad....or at least I'll blame it on him) Needless to say Claire caught on to the idea of finding eggs pretty quick!

On Saturday we started with breakfast at G & G Johnson's. We ate delicious crepes (which was the first time I have ever had crepes but def. not the last!) Then the eggs were hidden and the festivities began. I guess it is now a tradition (since he did it last year too) that all the kids go inside while the eggs are hidden in the backyard then they all line up behind Trevor where he proceeds to bunny hop into the backyard with furry bunny ears on.... don't ask me..... but I am sure some family member out there has a picture and I need to find it. blackmail.
After the egg hunt all the kids got in their swimsuits and we went to the park to play in the splashpad, throw around a football and eat pizza!

Claire took a very good nap after all the excitement

For dinner we headed over to G & G McMullin's where they had made Claire a fun scavenger hunt that her nieces and nephews helped her with!

and since Easter is such a great holiday it NEEDS two blog posts....

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