Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pioneer Day!

Just like the 4th of July I love Pioneer day! Whenever I get sad that the 4th is over and the fireworks and games and fun are over I remember that we still have Pioneer day and it makes me so happy! Unfortunately Trevor had to work so Claire and I went and met up with some of our friends. We decided to go to the parade in Washington and they were suppose to have some games at the park. The parade was kinda lame (hardly any candy which is what they are all about, right?) and the park was kinda lame too! There were not that many games for Claire to play. She did play one game that was called panning for gold, it was cute and she loved it and of course for the prize that she got to pick out she chose a fake lizard...which she still caries around everywhere with her.
The highlight for that morning was seeing some celebrities at the park! Ok so they are no Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie but they do have more kids then them....the whole BROWN fam!
It was so weird seeing them there because, I will admit, I do watch the show and they all looked exactly the same in person! There were quite a few people stalking them and trying to take pictures and they acted really annoyed so I didn't even try to fight the crowds for some good pics. Sad day, maybe they will be there next year!,,, After that we drove all the way out Ivins because we heard they have a fun 24th festival at their park, which they totally did. I am so happy that we went because it was so fun! Claire's favorite thing was the bumper boats. She cruised around in those forever and was running into everyone and loving it.
She also got her face painted. She wanted a crown so bad. The girl did the best she could...but Claire loved it!
That night we went up to the Washington Baseball fields to watch the fireworks. I didn't have very high expectations because Washington never really does fireworks but since St. George was not doing any this year we decided to watch Washington's. I am soooo glad we went it was the best fireworks I have seen in a long time! It was really long and just as good as what St. George does on the 4th but we were a lot closer. We never go to the sunbowl on the 4th because it is so crowded but the baseball fields were perfect.
We had so much fun and sadly have to wait until next year for all this excitement again.

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