Tuesday, August 20, 2013

that sneaky easter bunny

I think I have said this before, but Easter is my favorite time of the year. It came a little earlier than usual, which was a good thing because it meant the candy came out a little earlier! Why is candy so much better when it is shaped like an egg? and don't even get me started on cadburry eggs!

One of my favorite traditions about Easter, is that almost all of Trevor's family comes to visit. No one lives too far away but just far enough that we aren't able to get together very often. We started the morning off having breakfast with Trevor's family and then we headed off to one of the nieces' baptism. The baptism was such a nice reminder of what Easter is all about and our niece, Parker, looked so beautiful. After the baptism we started the Easter Egg Hunt festivities which would not be complete without a hopping congo, lead by Trevor, through the house with bunny masks on singing "hop,hop, hop like an easter bunny..." Not sure who made that little jingle up the last few years but it sure gets stuck in my head.

Even though we had already had enough fun and treats to last us till next Easter, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa McMullin's where we ate even MORE food and played more games. The kids all  had their fun scavenger hunt to find their surprises.

Since Claire had already been spoiled enough for the day, we decided to save our festivities for Easter Sunday. It was such a great day and the Easter bunny managed to come to our house too! Claire thought it was just crazy that he ran around our whole backyard and left eggs everywhere! She was even more shocked when she found her whole basket and could not figure out how he carried all of that!

That sneaky little Easter bunny did  not disappoint this year and we can't wait for him to come next year! 

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