Sunday, June 3, 2012

the BEACH...dun dun dun

No we didn't see a shark or even a beached whale but Claire did have a pretty crazy time at the beach. I insisted that we stop at the beach before we left California even though it was cloudy and only about 10 am. The only two days it was really sunny and hot were the days we went to Disneyland so this was our last chance to go to the beach. It was Claire's first time and I knew she would love it! I told her we could look for seashells and put our feet in the water. When we got there a guy was playing catch with his dog so of course Claire had to join. In case you haven't notice Claire is not very shy. The guy let her throw the ball back and forth a few times to the dog. Now Claire won't quit asking for a dog that she can play catch with.
We had fun just running and jumping in the water. It was pretty cold so we just ran from the water before it got our feet. Claire thought that was pretty fun until....I was running next to her and the water just came so quick and she fell to one knee and then flat on her face and as the water came over the top of her! I picked her right up and she was fine but was pretty upset. She kept say no water no beach. She had sand EVERYWHERE. In her ears, hair, mouth, down her shirt in her underwear, EVERYWHERE. This was great since we were just about to leave and drive for 8 hours. We had to strip her down wipe her off the best we could and unpack some clothes for her.
So sad, but kind of funny. Even after we left and were driving she still said she wanted to go back to the beach. Everyday for at least a week she said "momma member when I fell in the ocean?" She had to tell everyone she fell in the ocean, but she still says how much she loved it. And we kept her seashells to put on her bookshelf in her room. They are the perfect decoration.

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