Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

I thought Disneyland needed its own post in itself. Get ready for a picture overload. We had so much fun and I just want to make sure we document it ALL! We woke up bright and early on Monday morning so we could get there right when Disneyland opened. Luckily our hotel was only about a five minute walk. I knew the first thing i want to do was go meet the princesses. I have heard that the lines for that can get backed up quick so I wanted to hurry and get in line. I am glad we went when we did but the line was still an hour long! I hate that you have no idea which 3 princesses will be in there but I am so glad we went there. Claire LOVED meeting them! After I could hear other kids go in there and start to cry and parents trying to coax them into getting a picture, I was a little nervous for Claire to meet them. Once we got in there we had NO problems! Claire wanted to hug them and get their autograph and take pictures and she just stared at them in awe! She thought they were so beautiful and the rest of the day and week and even now like 3 weeks later she says "remember when jasmine said she rode her carpet," or "when snow white gave me a hug" she talks about them ALL the time!
Of course Rapunzel is so popular she has to have her own house and her own line. We were pretty excited to go wait another 70 mins to meet Rapunzel (that was sarcastic) Claire loved Rapunzel though so I am glad we met her but our fist 3 hrs at Disneyland was spent waiting in line for those darn princesses!
I wanted Claire to meet Tinkerbell because she loves her but that was another 45 min wait and we just couldn't do it! I was way too excited to go on some rides. Trevor thought I was crazy because I was speed walking everywhere and had every ride that Claire was tall enough to go on mapped out. We only missed 2 rides in all of Disneyland that she could actually ride. I was a little sad because she was only like 2 inches short of riding all the rides like space mountain and thunder mountain and I know she would LOVE them! She is such a thrill seeker. The lines to rides weren't too bad, the longest we had to wait was 20 min so that was good.
Claire with her drivers license at the bumper cars
Claire had to wave and blow kisses to all the dolls on It's a Small World
I was so mad my camera died on the first day! I got a lot of good pictures but we still had so much of the day left and the parade! Luckily we had our video camera and it also takes stilll shots but they aren't the best. We took lots of pics with that and also recodered her a lot especially during the parade. I made sure the camera was fully charged for the next day and we ended up staying for the parade again so I got some good pictures.

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