Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I CAN'T believe Claire is ONE! Her birthday was November 12th and I swear she is ONE going on SIXTEEN! She is so spoiled and such a drama queen and I love her! This past year went by sooooo and I swear she has grown up so much just in the last week. She tries to talk all the time and tries to sing along when we sing. Her favorite song is the ABC's and her favorite tv shows are Olivia and Yo Gabba Gabba. She still has NO teeth but eats whatever she wants! Her favorite food is easy mac and blueberry muffins. She LOVES to read books, especially the touch and feel ones. She is sooooo excited to be facing forward in her car seat now. Everytime I look back at her she has a huge grin on her face. She climbs up on the couch and wants to dance on it. She can get up and down the stairs faster than me. She refuses to wear any sort of clip or bow in her hair. and she thinks she can climb ANYTHING!! I can barely keep up with her but she always keeps us laughing.
thinking she is an acrobat

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