Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This year we had so much fun on Halloween! On Saturday morning we went out to Staheli Farms again because they were having a "Witches Breakfast." There were ladies all dressed up like witches and they had a little program where they made some witches brew it was so funny. We went with Trevor's parents and his brother and the kids had a blast. We watched the program and then ate breakfast and then we went back out to the petting zoo and all the toys. Claire LOVES Staheli Farm. She loves all the animals and to just run free!
one of the witches followed us around for awhile and Claire loved it
she even gave the witch a kiss! ha
Even the big kids (Trevor and his mom) got to play on the toys :)

Later that night we got Claire all dressed up in her costume. I was afraid that she would not want to wear it but it she thought it was hilarious. She just laughed at herself in the mirror and even left the little hood on. She looked so cute and she loves her best friend Nessy so I thought a little kitty was the perfect costume. We went over to Trevor's parents to eat dinner and see all the grandkids. Then we went to my parents to see the other grandkids and have more dinner! Everyone looked so cute in their costumes! We did not end up going trick-or-treating becuase Claire does not get it anyways and she started getting tired. But we still had a fun HALLOWEEN!!
Claire and Grandma McMullin
Kitty Claire and Kitty Gizmo

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