Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am finally no longer a student! HOOORRAAAAYYYY! After lots of finals and projects and studying I had my graduation. It was bitter sweet. I am going to miss seeing everyone in my class everyday but am SOOOOO EXCITED to be done! I also had to go to Vegas to take my boards which is my test to register me as a technologist. I was so nervous and studied my brains out and luckily passed. I took it right before Thanksgiving so that I could enjoy the holiday, which I did :)
It has been so nice just spending time with Claire. I wish that it was not so cold outside so we could go do more things outside but we got to the park before it got too cold. We went to Maverik and got our favorite cheesecake frozen yogurt (i know frozen yogurt in the winter....but it's so yummy). Then we went and played and read books at the park.
frozen yogurt mustache
and a pinecone that she took home to daddy

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