Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fiesta Fun?

I have fond memories of going to Fiesta Fun was I was little and playing on the softplay and playing video games and eating pizza and cruising around on the bumper boats. Well memories are a little different then reality.... We were bored one night and so we ended up at Fiesta Fun. We thought Claire would love the softplay but there was really no play involved. The slides were sticky and you had to crawl down them. The big ball pit was empty and the old zip line was gone. So we played some video games and then decided to do the bumper boats. We were the only ones on the out there and they were so expensive, ($6 a person!) that we crammed into one boat because it was only $3 a person. When I say crammed I mean crammed. I guess it was kind of fun because we were laughing at how ridiculous we looked the whole time.

Claire playing on a car that did not work but she loved it anyways
After that we cashed in our tickets and bought some cool prizes. Claire got some candy, a bouncy ball and a slap bracelet.

When we got home the night was still young so we decided to light off some leftover fireworks from the 4th. We still had our sparklers too, which I thought Claire would be scared of but I was wrong. She had a blast and help every single sparkler till it fizzled away.

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