Tuesday, August 23, 2011


On July 20th it was Trevor's birthday! I love being able to spoil him and buy him things because he does so much for our family. I could not ask for a better husband or a better father for Claire. He takes such good care of us and I don't know how I got so lucky! He is the best daddy and is ALWAYS playing with Claire and running around with her. He is always trying to think of fun things to do with her. My sister and I took Claire out for a little photoshoot and I bought some wooden letters so she could hold them and spell DAD. Then I framed them to give to Trevor for his office. Unfortunately, it did not go quite as planned! Claire would not hold still or hold up the letters to save her life. I don't know why I imagined a 1 year old being cooperative but we still got a few cute pics thanks to Hillary!

Since Trevor's birthday was on a Wednesday I had to work that night. But before I left we opened presents and ate dinner and some cupcakes.

I don't know if Claire liked the cupcakes or the frosting more?

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