Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Its laketime, that makes me think about fun,
waves are crashin, the sun is shinin above......

Isn't that the best poem ever??? ok anways back to my post :) A few weekends ago we decided to head out to the lake. (and no we don't have a boat, and no we don't have jetskis, and yes we just went to go swimming)....but we had a blast. We went out to Quail to just swim and bask in the sun. We also took a blow up raft that we have so that we could float around. Claire thought it was the best time ever. She sat on the sand and ate a sandwhich and doritos (which I think was her favorite part).

Then last weekend we decided to go out to the lake again. This time we went to Sand Hollow and invited Trevor's parents. We also borrowed a big floaty from his sister. The floaty was a big circle that had 4 chairs and the middle was just a net that you could lay in and it went into the water a little. It was so relaxing to just lay out in the water and get some sun. I think we could make this a new Saturday tradition while its still scorching outside!

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