Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Claire looooooves swimming. Since I had a free 3 day pass at the Washington Rec Center I decided to take Claire for a couple days. She was a little scared at first because it was so loud and water was always splashing. She was scared to death of the huge bucket that tips over and splashes everywhere. But once we went down some slides and swam in the whirlpool she had so much fun. She never wanted to leave. She even started going down the slides by herself. I love that pool because the water starts out shallow and then slowly gets a little deeper so in the shallow water she laid on her stomach and walked around everywhere on her hands.

After we swam one day we went and got some food at the concession stand. I got a pizza stick and a pretzel and cheese. Well Claire ate the all the cheese with her pizza stick and still ate the whole pretzel. People probably thought she was a nutcase because she had cheese all over her face and kept going out in the middle of the grass and dancing to the music that was playing. i wish we had a membership there but for now we will have to just go every once in awhile.

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