Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birthday Time!

It was my favorite time of the BIRTHDAY! Ok, so there are a lot of other better times of the year but birthdays are always fun. We didn't really have anything planned but when Trevor asked what I wanted to do I said "duh of course go shopping in Vegas but I know you don't want to..." and being the awesome husband he is he said ok! Even though that is not how he would like to spend his Saturday, he did just for me and we had so much fun! (well I had so much fun!) We went down on Saturday morning and shopped till we dropped...literally we were exhausted, but we still had enough in us to go to the shark reef aquarium at the Mirage. Claire loved when we went to the aquarium up north last year so we knew that she would love it especially since she is older now.
There were a lot of sharks and weird looking fish and some reptiles. Claire thought it was awesome when we walked through a tunnel of glass that had sharks swimming everywhere around us.
After the aquarium we decided to get a room so we weren't driving back too late and so Claire could maybe go swimming at the pool and it is always fun to stay somewhere else every once in awhile. Claire loves hotels but was a little bummed when the pool was not heated and was freezing! I felt so bad so we went back to our room and filled the bathtub up with nice warm water as she splashed around pretending to be a shark. Overall it was a great weekend and an awesome birthday just spending time with our little family.

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