Sunday, February 24, 2013

Christmas Time

Christmas time has come and gone again... I love Christmas but sometimes it is so hectic. This year I tried really hard to just take a step back and try to remember what the season is all about. I tried to just enjoy the whole month because it always comes and goes so quickly and it is my favorite time of year.

I got all my shopping done early for all our family and for Claire so that I wouldn't be stressed. Trevor and I decided that we were not going to buy each other presents since we didn't need anything and wanted to buy a few things for the house. Well right when I thought I was done, Claire found out that she could write Santa Clause and tell him what she wanted for Christmas and the 2 things she wanted was a barbie house and a puppy.... ummm two things that Santa was not bringing so far....
I just let it go thinking she would forget but nope, everytime someone asked her she said a barbie house and a puppy. Since Claire is so spoiled (i will admit it) and even thought that is not what Christmas is about, I didn't want her to wake up with neither of those things! Soooo I caved and bought her a barbie house. Ok that was plenty....right? I guess I was wrong when Trevor called me and told me he wanted to come home with a puppy! As he was leaving Sportmas Warehouse he saw these weimaraner puppies and just couldn't leave without one. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it but I was determined to keep it a secret until Christmas, which was 3 days away and yes in the same house!

Well needless to say it was a long 3 days and sleepless nights and even though I was tempted, I didn't return the barbie house.

our tree before the madness

santas cookies and reindeer food (apples and lettuce)

checking out her stocking

opening up her barbie house
and finally bringing out the puppy

Claire giving daddy and puppy a checkup with her new dr kit
giving her new arial barbie a hug
our new whole entire family
The whole day was so much fun and we got to spend the whole day with our families. Claire loved her barbie house and her new puppy which she wanted to name Ella Bella until we all agreed on Maggie.

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