Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Haircut....

I know I shouldn't be that emotional about a first haircut considering it was only a trim and Claire is like 4 years old!!!! but it is still a first. Well it was mainly emotional because it was not exactly planned. I knew Claire needed a haircut and I was planning on taking her into a salon for a trim but she decided that she didn't need a professionals help with this one. 

I didn't think we would every have to worry about Claire cutting her own hair since most kids do that when they are like two and don't really know better but Claire! She is 4! Thank goodness she wasn't too crazy and cut bangs or anything. She tried to just give herself a little trim but I knew right then that I couldn't wait any longer to take her in for a real haircut. 

She was a little worried that it was going to hurt because we were "cutting" her hair but she was very brave and held super still. We hardly took off anything because Claire wants her hair really long "like a princess" but at least now we can comb through it a little better!

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