Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Halloween is a favorite around our house. I just love the whole month of October. It is so nice when the weather starts to cool down and we can spend time outside. We love going to Staheli Farm to play and go to the corn maze. We also go to Breakfast with a Witch at the farm and then out to the pumpkin patch and we always have a good time.

We love to pick out a few good pumpkins from the patch so that we can carve them later. Claire loves carving pumpkins and insists on doing the whole thing herself so it is always a struggle with the knife trying to let her help but making sure she has all 10 fingers at the end of it! Claire knew exactly what she wanted the face of her pumpkin to look like....
and she was pretty proud of it

Because I love Halloween so much I start looking at Halloween costumes for Claire around August until we find the perfect one. Now that she is getting older she is getting pickier and wants to pick her own costume. I miss when I could just put her in anything I wanted to and she couldn't say no. She really wanted to be a princess this year but I was having a hard time finding a cute costume that was cheesy looking. Then I found this adorable Belle costume that she loved and found the perfect wig to pull the whole look together and I think it turned out pretty cute. The day of Halloween we had way too much fun. We went around to so many different places and got to see lots of our friends and family. Claire's preschool has the cutest Halloween carnival and have a different game in each classroom.

Then we met up with some friends at Dixie Middle school to go trick-or-treating around to all the classrooms. This was really fun and all the middle school kids were so funny and loved the little kids. I wish I would have gotten more pictures because Claire and her friends thought the middle school was awesome! They looked so funny standing next to the lockers.
After that we met up with Liesel and her kids and one of the car dealerships that always does a trunk-or-treat on their car lot. They always have music playing and candy and some of the cars.
By the time we were done at the car dealership it was almost evening time so we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa McMullin's for some food and to take pictures with some of the cousins. Everyone looked so cute and I wish I could get better pictures of everyone and their fun costumes.
At last it was time to do some real trick-or-treating! We decided to go back to the same neighborhood we went to the year before in Santa Clara. This neighborhood goes all out! They decorate their whole entire street! Some of the houses even pass out food like cotton candy, kettle corn and corn dogs. They have train rides and people dressed up walking around and movies playing... it is just such a fun place for all things Halloween. I love that Claire loves Halloween and does not get scared. She wanted to take pictures with everyone that was dressed up.

This year we got Claire's pictures taken again in her Halloween costume. We did them last year too and they were  so cute I can't wait to do them every year. I am so happy that we got them taken I love how they turned out!

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