Tuesday, January 27, 2015


In August we decided to make a little trip up to Salt Late City. It was kind of a last minute trip to go buy a new CAR! Trevor had been looking for a few months for a truck. He found a Toyota Tundra in Salt Lake that was exactly what he had been looking for so we decided to make a vacation out of it. The first we did when we got up there was go get Trevor's new truck! Right after we picked up the new car we went straight to the aquarium. One of my favorite things to do in Salt Lake is go to the aquarium. I know some people can go once and that is enough but I could go every single time we go up north and love it the same every time, and I know Claire won't complain if we go. Some of our favorite animals to look at are the jelly fish, teeny tiny sea horses, sea otters and the penguins! 

After spending the evening at the aquarium we went to our hotel to get some rest so that we could wake up and go to the zoo the next day! The zoo is another place that we could never get sick of. We love looking at all the animals and I always notice when we get home that I have taken waaaaay too many pictures and I fill up my whole memory card just taking pictures of the animals. I think some of them are so funny and cute!

We spent the entire morning at the zoo and then we decided to get a little crazy and drive up to Park City! We have never taken Claire to Park City to ride the alpine slides and Trevor and I couldn't remember the last time we had gone on them so we decided it was about time and it was SOOO MUCH FUN! I would love to make this a yearly trip for us because we had a blast. Claire loves all roller coasters and anything that goes fast so I knew she would not be scared. She rode with Trevor on the alpine slide and then with me on the alpine coaster and we just floored the gas the whole way down while she had her hands in the air! 

It was so pretty up in Park City and such a perfect day to go have some fun. By the end of the day we were exhausted and had way too much excitement for one day! It was such a fun quick trip up north that we definitely will have to do again!

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