Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our Family

It is family picture time again! We actually had fun taking our pictures this year. It is getting a little easier each year now that Claire is getting older. She will actually hold still and smile when we ask her to. It always takes a little bribing, mainly bribing Trevor, but we can usually get a few good ones with all of us smiling. This year we decided to bring Maggie a lot and get a few with her, which was not easy, but I'm glad we did!

Since Claire's birthday is coming up we decided to get just a few of her for her invitations. She is having a Rock Star birthday party so she had fun finding her some clothes that she thought were totally "Rock Star" and rocking out for some pictures! I love all of her pictures and can't believe how big she looks in all of them. My little Rock Star is growing up.

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