Tuesday, January 27, 2015

white out

St. George finally got some SNOW!!!! and not just a little bit but a lot! In all 25 years of my life here in St. George I have never seen snow like this! When the snow came it just never stopped. It reminded me why I DON'T live somewhere that it snows. The whole city was in chaos.... No one knew how to deal with all of this snow.  The roads and everything were such a mess! There were warnings to just stay inside but of course people wanted to go out and see the snow and had places to go and there were cars stuck in the snow everywhere and so many accidents. Thank goodness we don't get snow like this ever but we did have a little bit of fun with it. Claire thought it was the best time ever! Maggie and her played out in the snow for hours!
                          Claire's snow volcano

Since we don't own a lot of snow clothes I'm sure Claire was freezing but that did not stop her from being out in the snow as much as possible. Now Claire thinks it snows here every year around Christmas....

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