Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It is finally Claire's big day!! I can't believe Claire is FOUR years old!!! I wish I could make time stop or at least slow down but since I can't I guess we will just party! We love to throw a good birthday party in our house and with Claire's help I think they turn our pretty fun. For her 4th birthdya we decided to have a Rock n Roll party complete with a red carpet, Claire's favorite hits CDs, making your own guitars, karaoke, a bounce house, custom guitar picks and LOTS of yummy treats. We had such a good time at her party and everyone looked great on the red carpet!

Everyone got to walk to red carpet as they came into the house. Inside we had paper guitars for all the kids to color, pizza to eat, treats to enjoy and some karaoke.

Then we sent the kids outside for bounce time...

 After Claire's fabulous party we decided the fun could just not end (and we had lots of left over toys and treats!) so we had a little neighborhood friend party on Claire's actual birthday. She invited a few of her little friends over and we did it all over again with about three times as much singing and dancing!

I think Claire rocked out a little too hard this year! I still can't believe she is FOUR! I guess we will just start planning next years party!

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