Saturday, May 19, 2012


Claire has been going to a babysitter since I started working in January. Since I work graveyards she goes the next morning for about 4 hours while I sleep. It took Claire a few long months to get used to playing with other kids and not having ALL the attention.... but now she loves going and playing! Her babysitter also does lots of fun little parties. They always have a party for holidays and they have some themed parties and she goes all out. Recently they had a hippy day and Claire came home looking like this.... They made shirts, and got necklaces, yummy cookies, headbands and buckets full of candy better yet we were meeting the cousins at jumpin jacks after so I am sure everyone wondered why she was all dressed up She still always asks to wear her necklace and tries to do the peace sign and she wants to wear her shirt to bed every night!

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