Friday, May 25, 2012

easter time

We are so lucky to have both of our famlies here in town close to us! We got to spend Easter with both sides of our family and we had so much fun. All of Trevor's siblings try to come for Easter every year so it is always a good time over there. We went there for a delicious breakfast and then had an Easter egg hunt. Grandma Johnson got all the grandkids bunny masks that were pretty hilarious and slightly creepy. I was surprised how much the kids loved them and Claire wanted to wear heres all day. Trevor has been lucky enough to get the tradition of teaching the kids the bunny hop and he keeps all the kids inside while the eggs are being hidden. Then when it is time he leads them in a line doing the bunny hop outside. The kids think it is pretty funny and the adults like to laugh at him too. Good thing he is a good sport and even wore bunny ears. Claire loved Easter this year and totally understood the concept of the Easter egg hunt. After the hunt the kids got tons of toys and surprises and then to top it off they had a pinata. This was Claire's first encounter with a pinata but when that candy came flying out she went crazy! She was the happiest kid in town at that moment. We hung out and the kids played with their new toys and we celebrated one of the little neices birthday and then we headed off for more festivities at Grandma and Grandpa McMullin's house.
When we got to my parents we had a huge lunch with everyone then all the kids got to go on their own scavenger hunt. All the clues were hidden around the house and at the end they got a little basket full of treats and toys. Claire was definately spoiled by the grandparents this year.
I decided to have our own little Easter on Sunday. We didn't do too much but I wanted to do a little Easter egg hunt and give Claire her basket at our house. I think she was pretty Eastered out but she still had fun getting more presents...of course.
finding her eggs around the house
putting all of her money from her Easter eggs into her piggy bank for Disneyland.

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