Sunday, May 20, 2012

potty time

I knew as soon as we got back from Mexico that I wanted to start potty training Claire. We had exactly 2 months before she was turning 2 and I wanted her to be completely potty trained by then. I waited until I had used our last diaper and then I promised to never buy another diaper. Can I just say we spend A LOT of time at home. I felt like we lived in the bathroom. The first day we pretty much did. She just sat on her potty and we watched little potty training videos on my phone. The first time she went in the potty she was so excited. I had a big bucket of little toys and treats I had gotten her and let her pick one out every time she went in the potty. She thought it was the best thing ever. Even though we didn't leave the house much and felt like I was constantly taking her potty, she learned so quick I cannot complain. By the end of the second week she was not having any more accidents and she was so good at telling me when she needed to go. And she loves wearing her big girl undies and her little bum just looks so cute in them...

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