Thursday, May 24, 2012

Snow Time

We couldn't wait to go sledding this year. I knew Claire would love it! She is such a daredevil and does not get scared by ANYTHING. We went up to Brianhead with a few of our friends and their kids and Claire had so much fun. I didn't realize until we got there that you cannot double ride so that meant Claire had to go all by herself. I was more worried than she was. I was so scared to push her down that hill all by herself but she laughed the whole way down and was in heaven, She even loved the little lift that pulls your tube to the top. It was so hard when it was time to leave because she did not want to go anywhere. She loves the snow and wanted to keep going down the hills.
Trevor in his smurf suit that he couldn't wait to wear...
Claire going down the hill all by herself.
Claire and her friend Tavia
I am so happy we got a chance to take her this year. I wish we could have made it up again before Brianhead closed for the season so we will just have to wait till next year....

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